Slide BEAUTY? Naturally! Cosmetics from India and certificates from the West is our international brand - Sattva Ayurveda, Poland.

Natural Ayurvedic cosmetics for hair & body.

About Sattva Group

Sattva means the quality of goodness, positivity, truth, wholesomeness, serene, holistic, creative, constructive, balance, confidence, peaceful, virtuous, drawn towards Dharma and Jnana (knowledge)..

Sattva Group – BombayBazaar was founded in 2009  by Ashish Hinduja, whose vision has was always associated with the word Sattva. The vision made one simple goal, to provide people with a healthy lifestyle with original Indian products. His brands of Swati Ayurveda and Sattva Ayurveda natural ayurvedic cosmetics  are already in over 2500 stores in Poland and 15 countries across.
Our natural cosmetics are marked with a logo, are addressed to women of all skin types. Products based on Ayurvedic formulas are produced on the basis of vegetable oils derived from pure crops. They do not know parabens and SLS, so they are not disturbing the balance for even the most sensitive skin. A wide range of natural products includes: shampoos, body oils, conditioners, balms, natural essential oils, creams, handmade oils, natural henna hair dyes, coconut oil and Ecocert incense.
Our products include: neem, ashwagandha, tulsi, brahmi, indian rose, neroli, sandalwood, turmeric, jasmine, shikakai, reetha, national flower of India – Lotus and many more. The subdivision of strange-sounding ingredients is hidden in Asian plants which are mixed with 5000 year old ayurvedic recipes & herbs to create the utmost product.
Our company is not only about good and health, but also about caring for environment, as products are not tested on animal , and the production is compatible with GMP. Good manufacturing practice. Special certificates & documents are prepared in the most finest laboratories in Poland to get : SAR (safety assessment reports) for its sales of products in Europe and in the world and other required forms.
Sattva ayurveda natural cosmetics are made of world class quality which gives effective positive benefits as noticed on the etykiets proven by doctors & laboratories in Poland. EU.
Beauty? – Naturally!

Highly Qualified Team

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Ashish Hinduja

Founder & CEO - in short a visionary


Customer service - in short a problem solver 😉


Office administration - spreads harmony & happiness 🙂

Sandra Nguyen Trong

Marketing manager : In short a story teller 😉

Our plans :

-Gradually expanding in Polish markets with full support of marketing to existing customers & innovation of new products.

-By 2021/2022 we plan to start new markets : India , UAE & USA

-By 2021/2022 we plan to be in all 28 EU countries


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